Ofcom Report Highlights The Importance Of Online Safety Training

Ofcom’s latest report Online Nation, released this week, finds the internet isn’t always safe for our young people. A third of children aged 8-15 who go online have seen worrying or upsetting content online in the past 12 month. With nearly 60% of children aged 3-15 using social media, Ofcom’s findings are highly concerning. The report highlights the importance of the online safety training the Safety Centre Charity provides across the region’s schools and in its Milton Keynes immersive learning centre Hazard Alley.

Online Safety Training Facts

A third of children aged 8-15 shared that they’ve seen something worrying or nasty online in the past 12 months. Giving children and young people the tools to protect themselves online and report harmful content is essential. Especially as Ofcom found that 40% of parents allow their children to use social media platforms under the recommended age limits.

The Safety Centre Charity provides online safety training for school children and young people directly into schools and in their immersive education centre Hazard Alley. From tackling safe user names and passwords to talking about what to do if you see something nasty that worries you. The Charity’s age tailored sessions empower students to safely manage their online spaces and give them the tools and confidence to report damaging content they find online.

Maya Joseph-Hussain, CEO of the Safety Centre Charity said ‘Helping young children stay safe online and giving them the confidence to report harmful content is essential. With thousands of students receiving our in-school online safety sessions and over 10,000 students visiting our centre every year, we have a responsibility to give young people the confidence to manage their online experiences. Its concerning to learn that 83% of young people aren’t reporting harmful content when they see it. We need to empower young people with the tools and confidence to report damaging content in their online spaces, so they can enjoy the internet in a safe, age-appropriate way.’

How To Report Harmful Content Online

Anyone who has seen harmful content online can report it using the report harmful content website or visit the CEOP website or speak to Childline for advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Book Your School Online Safety Training Session

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