Safety Centre Hired for Scent Detection Training

Company Hires Safety Centre For Scent Detection Training

The Safety Centre welcomed a different kind of visitor last night when PotterPaws hired the centre to run one of their scent detection trials.

Our immersive centre provided a great space for these highly intelligent dogs to practise their incredible sniffing skills in a realistic and safe environment. Whilst scents were being hidden all around our life-like scenarios, owners and their furry companions were able to relax in our briefing room, waiting for the moment they would be called to find the hidden scent. There was also the option for their four legged friends to be outside to spend some quality time on the grass by our centre.

This type of training provides owners and their dogs with happy and positive emotions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there were plenty of wagging tails full of anticipation and excitement….from the dogs, of course.

Overall, the evening was a huge success with everyone leaving satisfied, including staff 🙂

We pride ourselves on offering opportunities for interactive education experiences for all. When it comes to the centre, the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

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Safety Centre Hire

Whether you have a training course you want to run or want to host an event in a unique space, we are the place to be.

We have a variety of spaces available for you to book. From our conference room and classroom to the centre itself there is something for everyone.

Our conference room and classroom are perfect spaces for any training or meetings you require but want to take place at a different location. Both come equipped with screens/TVs, chairs and tables.

Our centre is a fantastic space to host a variety of events. It is truly one of a kind and will certainly be an excellent icebreaker to any networking or training event you would like to run. Hiring this space will also give you access to our conference room and classroom. This means you will an additional two break out rooms for any activities you would like to run separately. For instance, a business could run their own team building day using our centre’s scenarios and also use our conference room to conduct any employee appraisals. One place, multiple uses, what is not to like?

Regardless of what you decide to hire, you will have the added knowledge that you will be supporting a magnificent charity that dedicates its time to teaching life-saving learning to everyone. Further information about centre hire can be found here.

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