Empower and Challenge Programme

The Empower and Challenge Programme

The Safety Centre’s Empower and Challenge Programme for primary and secondary students is designed to reduce the risk of young people experiencing Violence Against Women And Girls (VAWG) and becoming perpetrators of violence. It creates safe spaces for vital conversations amongst peer groups and empowers young people, helping to reduce risks for victims and potential perpetrators.

The programme has been developed by our in-house education team in partnership with safeguarding leads, schools and young people, statutory partners and those providing services and programmes for victims and perpetrators.

Empower and Challenge Programme Development Hazeley Academy

Our Chief Executive Maya Joseph-Hussain was inspired to focus on this essential safety topic after hearing from Lisa Squire, the mother of Libby Squire who was abducted, raped and murdered in 2019 aged 21.

As a specialist education charity with qualified and experienced teachers, we are proud to be able to support educators, direct in their classrooms, helping deliver education on a difficult topic. We know the pressures on teachers to be specialists on a wide range of topics and having support on the complex topic of VAWG is a huge help. Sessions align with the national curriculum and help teachers, students and parents have wider conversations about VAWG and a deep understanding about consent, which police have highlighted to us a major issue for young people.

Empower and Challenge Programme Launch

On 19th April we launched our new education programme with support from Lisa Squire who spoke about Libby and her belief that education is the answer to everything. Our new education programme inspired by Lisa and Libby is part of Libby’s legacy and keeps her memory alive.

Safety Centre Empower and Challenge Programme

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To find out more about the programme call our education team on 01908 263009 or email educationteam@safetycentre.co.uk

Feedback We’ve Received About The Programme

From Students:

“I like that now everyone should know how to act with decency”

“If I see this behaviour I will report”

“Thanks for coming in this has helped”

“It was good for us to realise what’s going on”

From Teachers:

A Year 7 teacher said that sessions gave students an “increased empathy for victims and further appreciation of what isn’t acceptable and why… reflections [on the materials] were deep and meaningful and the quality of the plan and delivery was excellent.”

Another year 7 teacher shared, “This was an excellent session which was informative, applicable and had a brilliant message in it. The students were very engaged.”