Fire safety

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Come and have a seat in number 2 Brook Street and learn about fire safety! But remember we can’t be too loud in case we wake up granddad.

During your stay you will learn about smoke detectors and the parts inside them that allow them to do their job to keep us safe.  Do you know what they do when they “smell” smoke? How many should we have in our homes?

You may already know the answers, especially if mum or dad have left bread in the toaster too long. However, what happens when the smoke is from a fire? What do we do to keep safe?

Here you will learn the three important steps you will need to follow when there is a fire in your own home, these are:

1/Get out of the house

2/Stay out of the house

3/Call out the fire brigade – what number do we use?

Remember these steps, as you never know when you might need to use them.

Fire safety tile

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