It’s Cycle To School Week! Are You Making A Pledge To Cycle More?

Cycle To School Safely This Week By Checking Out Our Top Tips!

Cycle to School week is the perfect time to get out your bike and try a new way of getting to school or work. We know that travelling by bike is a great way to be healthy and reduce the number of cars on our roads, helping to reduce the impact we have on global warming.

However, it can be very daunting for us to make the step to do this, especially if we are close to busy roads. In Milton Keynes, we are fortunate enough to have redways that we can use when we are cycling, but it is important to recognise that not every place has them and they might not be near where we need to travel.

With this in mind you may feel that it is easier to use the car instead, but don’t let this stop you from making a healthier choice. Our top tips below are here to help empower you with the knowledge to feel confident to cycle safely.

Safety Centre’s Top Tips For Cycling Safely

Do A Bike Safety Check

How do we know our bikes are safe for us to ride? It might not seem like much, but doing these simple checks beforehand ensures that you are staying safe, even before your journey has started.

  1. How are my tyres? Check each tyre for for any punctures, gashes or debris that might be stuck in them. If this all seems ok check your tyre pressure.
  2. How are my brakes? Check your brake pads, have they worn away?
  3. How are my wheels? What happens to your wheels if you spin them? Are they ok or can you see them sticking?

For a more in-depth cycle safety check, Cyclescheme have a useful breakdown of what to look for. The best part is it only takes 2 minutes.

Wear The Right Cycle Clothing

A great fitting cycle helmet and bright clothing go hand in hand with cycling.

As we say at The Safety Centre, our head contains a very important brain, so we need to protect it. Wearing a cycle helmet does this, so it is essential that we have one. It is also important that we wear bright clothing. Staying bright means we can stay being seen and that is important when we are out and about on the roads, especially as we are approaching winter when the days start to get darker quicker.

Plan Your Route!

It doesn’t matter if you are walking, cycling or using a scooter to get to school, planning your route is an essential step in ensuring you choose the safest route. Take a look at the redways (if you have them) that are closest to you and any road crossings that you might be able to use.

Get Around MK have a route planner that is really useful. As well as showing you how to get to your destination on a map, they also have a break down of directions that you can use to help identify the specific road names. They also have a map of all the redways in the area.

Remember, it never hurts to plan more than one route just in case your usual route is blocked off.

Know Your Hand Signals!

It is really important to communicate with other road users when you are out and about on your bike. You may have seen many cyclists stretch out their arms to the side to indicate to other that they are turning. However, there are many other signals out there to let other vehicles know if you are slowing down or stopping.

Road Cycling UK have a handy guide that you can use.

Have Some Bikeability Training

If you are still a little nervous, you can always opt for some bikeability training. This can help to build your skills, knowledge and confidence on roads when you are out and about on your bicycle. They have a variety of courses you can choose, from the level 1 basics to the more advanced cycle skills of level 3.

Interested In Finding Out More Information?

At The Safety Centre, we know the value of safety education and cover many topics, including cycle safety. If you would like to find out more information about our amazing tours, in-school classroom sessions or first aid training, please get in touch with us on 01908 263009 or

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