Celebrate With Fireworks Safely This Bonfire Night

Have Firework Safety In Mind This Bonfire Night Weekend!

Fireworks are fantastic to watch. The bright colours that light up the dark sky make it a truly wonderful spectacle.

While it is safer to go to displays that have been officially organised, as these have all the safety measure put in place, we can understand the appeal of wanting your own personal firework display at home. However, with all the fun and excitement taking place we don’t always think about whether we are being or staying safe. That is why this weekend we want you to keep firework safety in mind.

Whether you are building a bonfire or getting ready to host your own firework display, we have some great top tips to help make sure you are able to #celebratesafely

Remember, Remember Your Firework Safety 101

Bonfires and fireworks can be dangerous, especially when they are not handled with care. Before setting up your display ask yourself:

Where You Are Planning To Set Up?

Take a look at the area you are considering to use. Are there any nearby fences, sheds or hedges that could be caught by the flames of a bonfire or a misdirected firework? Is the space large enough so that people watching and animals are out of harms way? Is there an area where you can keep water should you need it at any point during the night? Will the clothes you will be wearing be loose fitting?

Asking yourself these questions will make you aware of any potential fire hazards or accidents that could occur. The last thing you want to do on a joyous Bonfire Night is call out the fire service or take a trip to A&E.

Will You Be Using Sparklers?

Sparklers are a great way for children to get involved with the celebrations. The bright spark can almost make it appear as though you are creating art when you move it through the air. At the same time however, they come with their own risks, which we always need to have in mind. They might not appear to, but sparklers can get very hot, which can cause serious burns when they are not handled with properly.

Make sure to supervise children at all times and keep a bucket of water nearby so that children can put their sparkler in once they are finished with it. It is also very important that sparklers are never given to children under the age of 5.

Fireworks Safety Expert or Newbie

Whether you have handled fireworks for many years or are doing it for the first time, it is important to make sure you read the instructions that come with them. Each type of firework will come with their own instructions so read them all as they could be different. Make sure you know what the safe distance to light a firework is and never return to a firework once lit, even if it is not working. It is also important to remember that fireworks need to be directed away from spectators and while you may already know this, you must make sure the area you are using gives you the space to do this.

If you are having a bonfire, make sure there is one person always looking after it. Just like a lit candle, you must never leave it unattended. It is also important you don’t use things like paraffin or petrol to start the fire as they are very dangerous and highly flammable.  Fires created with these can get out of hand and spread very quickly as they are powerful accelerants.

What Should You Do Afterwards?

Once all the celebrations have finished, you will then need to know how to dispose of your fireworks and how to out put out your bonfire.

You may think that it is fine to put fireworks in the bin once they have been used. However, it is important to remember that fireworks may still be hot and could cause a fire. Make sure at the end of the night all fireworks, including those that didn’t work are cooled in water for a couple of hours before you bag them up and put them in the bin.

If you are having a bonfire, make sure you put it out completely by pouring cold water all over it. Never leave it to go out by itself unattended.

Whatever you are planning on doing this weekend, we hope you all celebrate safely.

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