Tragic Online Safety News Highlights Importance of Safety Education

Devastating Online Safety News

Recent news headlines about the heartache felt by families like Archie Battersbee and Molly Russel affected by the devastating impact of deadly social media challenges and resources, highlights the ongoing need for safety education for children and young people as they navigate the online world. Online challenges like the blackout challenge Archie Battersbee is believed to be copying, have been in the news recently as parents, carers & support networks of children and young people become aware of the dangers of online content readily available to young people. Sadly reports like this make the need for early online safety education for children and young people even more vital. With nearly 60% of children aged 3-15 using social media, their ability to safely navigate the internet is essential.

Online Safety Education

At the Safety Centre Charity, which has been running for 28 years, our highly trained and experienced education team work with primary aged children in an age appropriate and sensitive way, creating safe spaces for complicated topics like online safety education. Walking young people through the dangers of being online, how to protect your personal data, how strangers can reach out to you on online platforms, what it means to be a cyber bully and how important it is to speak with people you trust about anything you see online that you don’t think is right like dangerous online challenges. This potentially life saving safety education, which is tailored for different primary age groups empowers young people to use and enjoy the internet in a safe way.

Safety Centre Charity Hazard Alley Online Safety Education

Sarah Marketing Manager at the Safety Centre said, ‘As we increasingly welcome devices into our daily lives, unavoidably children and young people have access at an earlier age to online content which can be dangerous, inappropriate and occasionally deadly. The horrific experiences of Archie and Molly’s family’s highlight the vital importance of online safety education for children and young people as they grow up with technology. Our online safety education programmes delivered at our education centre Hazard Alley and in schools across the region are lifesaving tools for primary students to help them manage and enjoy their online experiences whilst keeping themselves and their friends safe.’

Reporting Dangerous Online Content

If you ever see online content that you think is inappropriate you can report it here and to CEOP here.

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