Celebrating 30 Years Of Lifesaving Learning With VAWG Programme

The Safety Centre charity is launching a pioneering Violence Against Women & Girls Education programme to celebrate its 30th year of delivering lifesaving safety education. The safety education charity, which specialises in immersive interactive safety education, will deliver the pilot programme to over 20,000 11-13 year olds over the next 3 years and is seeking support from national funders to expand the programme across the UK, educating more young people on this vital subject.

The programme will ensure that children, young people, their parents and teachers recognise the importance of equity, respect and personal safety. Helping to create a culture of positive behaviours amongst young people, enabling students to discuss what’s acceptable, and how to react if they see something they know isn’t right.

The Safety Centre has received £98,170 from the Milton Keynes Community Foundation to pilot this project in Milton Keynes. The charity is seeking additional support from regional and national funders to deliver the programme into schools across the country.

Maya Joseph-Hussain CEO of the Safety Centre said,

‘We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Violence Against Women & Girls safety education programme for primary and secondary school students. This education programme will create an empowered community to have courageous conversations, increasing their understanding of the individual impact of their actions, which can make a big difference in their communities and wider society and support women and girls for years to come. As a White Ribbon accredited organisation the Safety Centre is committed to supporting and empowering young people across the country to understand the risks around Violence Against Women & Girls, for victims and perpetrators.

We’d like to thank Milton Keynes Community Foundation for their support funding this project with a three-year strategic grant, enabling us to empower local children. We hope the charity’s investment in our safety education work in our hometown will inspire other funders to support us educating children across the country. We are launching a fundraising appeal to ensure we are here for children and young people today and in the future. Without ongoing support children and young people will miss out on education that could save their lives.’

The charity is also celebrating 30 years of lifesaving learning, delivering safety education to children, young people and adults. The charity started in January 1994 with its interactive safety education centre, the first in the world, Hazard Alley which still operates today. The charity works to create safe flourishing communities for the future, teaching children, young people and adults safety skills for everyday life and emergency situations.

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