Say ‘Hello!’ to our new scenario

Hazard Alley are delighted to announce that our new scenario is up and running.

Last year, the Safety Centre were awarded funding by MK Council and the Safer MK Partnership. This was to create a new learning zone that focused on the risks and consequences related to knife crime.

After many months of hard work, the new scenario is finished and a great new addition to our Hazard Alley tour. Children really enjoy using the clikapads to make their decisions when faced with challenging scenarios.

The content covered is age appropriate, with years 2-4 focusing on choices and consequences related to littering and graffiti, whilst years 5 and 6 focus on the choices and consequences related to knife crime.

We are very pleased to see the positive impact this is already having on the school children that visit us. It is another fantastic scenario, providing children with the opportunity to gain essential knowledge that will empower them to make safer choices.