Talking About Knife Crime Education With ITV News 

This week we spoke about our lifesaving knife crime education work with ITV news, talking about the importance of early intervention prevention education and how this must continue. Our CEO Maya Joseph-Hussain spoke with Rebecca Haworth from ITV news about our work and the role the Safety Centre plays helping create safer futures. 

Maya said

 There’s a culture amongst our young people that its ok to be carrying a knife or a weapon, maybe they’re unaware of the risk to themselves and the wider community. We know that the issue of knife crime hasn’t gone away and we’ve got to keep tackling it together.

Our expert education team are delivering lifesaving learning across the region and can support your organisation. Dr Stuart Lawrence, younger brother of Stephen Lawrence who was murdered in a racist attack 30 years ago spoke recently about the importance of this education work.

Find out more about how the Safety Centre can support your school with lifesaving early intervention learning by calling our team on 01908 263009 or email