Water Safety Added To National Curriculum 

Water safety education has been added into the national curriculum for primary students following the campaign of Beckie Ramsay whose son Dylan drowned from cold water shock in 2011

Beckie Ramsay whose son Dylan drowned aged 13 from cold water shock has called the national network of Safety Centres teaching about water safety ‘essential for all young people to visit.’ Dylan drowned at Hill Top Quarry in Whittle-le-Woods, near Chorley, after getting into difficulty in the water when he was swimming with friends. The Safety Centre Alliance, a network of safety education charities across the country teach children and young people how to stay safe in daily life- including around the water. Beckie has been campaigning since Dylan’s death 12 years ago for water safety to be included in the national curriculum which has now been updated to teach about the dangers of the water.

The Safety Centre Alliance was created to unite safety education charities across the country, delivering interactive, immersive safety education for children, young people and adults. The first charity was created in 1994 and the network inspires others from across the globe to spread safety education. Covering everyday safety topics from online safety, what to do in a house fire, crossing the road safely, water safety, how to call 999, first aid, the choices and consequences of knife crime, home safety, bullying and shoplifting and in car safety- visitors get safety skills that stay with them for life.

Beckie Ramsay, Dylan’s mum said

It’s truly amazing to finally see water safety being taken seriously over 12 years after losing my son Dylan to open water. As I’ve always said it is so important to learn about water safety, it’s as important as learning about the green cross code, stranger danger, fire and road safety. Learning could mean living! To know that many of these things and more are being taught under one roof at the Safety Centre and across the country through the Safety Centre Alliance is truly amazing. Had something like this been accessible to Dylan then just maybe my son would still be with us- about to celebrate his 26th birthday (17/10/2023) instead we will buy flowers and remember the good times. It’s essential for all young people to have this safety education.

Maya Joseph Hussain Chair of the Safety Centre Alliance and CEO of the Safety Centre based in Milton Keynes said

Beckie tragically has first-hand experience of what happens when our young people haven’t received key safety messages about the water. Cold water shock, rip tides and underwater currents are life threatening.  The Safety Centre Alliance works tirelessly to ensure visitors to our education centres are aware of the dangers of the water all year round and what to do in an emergency.

Lives are being lost due to a lack of understanding about the dangers of the water- however beautiful the water looks- if you don’t have the knowledge about how to float, what to look out for or where its safe to swim, you could drown. The reality is specialist recovery teams are unlikely to make it in time if you get into difficulty in un-lifeguarded bodies of water before you drown. Others may enter the water to help you but they could drown too. We advise everyone to swim where there are lifeguards- at the beach or in the pool. No family wants to experience the horrific impact of losing a child like Beckie and the Alliance is doing all we can to stop this from happening.

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Dylan Ramsay

Dylan Ramsay- image shared with permission from Beckie Ramsay.