Your Digital Family Quiz – Are you up for the challenge?

Does your family know its TikTok from its Twitter? Its Deliveroo from its Discord? And its Bieber from its Baby Shark?

Why don’t you find out by taking part in the Your Digital Family Quiz?

Hazard Alley, on behalf of Parentzone, is running a brand new quiz that explores all of the brilliant and different things that families enjoy doing online.

When it comes to families, we know that this can mean a lot of different people: aunts, parents, carers, siblings, the list can go on. However, what will unite every family is their use of technology, so it is important to start thinking about our relationship with it. Especially since our use of technology has increased due to current restrictions that tell us to stay at home.

All you will need to take part in this quiz is a pen, some paper and a place where your family can come together. This could be at your dining table or on the comfy sofas you have in your living room.

Please come and join us for an hour filled with interesting questions and engaging interaction, all to test your knowledge about the digital world. There will be three rounds of questions. Some might be more challenging than others, but they may help to inspire new ideas for family conversations about tech, and what can be achieved together online and offline.

Think your family are up to the challenge?

Important information

Who can take part? Your Digital Family quiz events are suitable for parents and young people in secondary school.

What do you need to take part? Just paper, a pen and a connected device – like a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Plus, an hour to take part as a family – at a time that suits you!

How do you take part? If you are interested in joining a Your Digital Family quiz event……

Please contact Katherine Adams at for more details. Places are limited, so if you are interested, please get in touch as soon as you can.