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The Milton Keynes Safety Centre, also known as 'Hazard Alley', was the first of the purpose-built interactive education centres for children built in the UK.


The Centre is the result of collaboration between Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service and Thames Valley Police, and creates a partnership between statutory organisations, local government and health authorities and the private sector.


The Centre is a registered charity and a limited Company.  It is financially independent, funded via several income streams including grants, sponsorship, donations and income raised from adminssion fees, course fees and centre hire.


It is supported by a Board of Trustees who are drawn from both the public and private sector and has a small team of staff and a team of volunteer tour guides.


We are also members of the Safety Centre Alliance - an organisation that exits to facilitate support, networking and development between permanent interactive safety centres in the UK and to support those wishing to set up new centres.   Visit www.safetycentrealliance.org to find out more. 


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 Company Register number: 2709081

 Registered Charity number: 1019093


Delivering your PSHE curriculum at Hazard Alley - A Primary Teacher's Guide to Keeping Safe - click on link below


Delivering your PSHE curriculum at Hazard Alley


The Safety Centre opened in 1994 as a partnership-based community safety project involving Thames Valley Police, Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, health authorities, local government, other statutory organisations and the private sector. The centre is not centrally funded and as such relies heavily on donations and sponsorship.