Introducing Our Patron George Anson 

We’re Thrilled To Announce George Anson As Patron At The Safety Centre-Supporting Our Work To Keep Our Communities Safe

We’re excited to introduce our Patron, George Anson, at a key time for the Safety Centre as we expand our essential safety education work across the region and beyond. George will help support the development of our charity as we move into our 30th year of operation, helping save lives through learning for children, young people and adults. During his time as High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire between 2021 and 2022 George campaigned to educate people on the risks they face online and how they can make themselves safer. His focus for his shrivel year was highlighting the impact of cyber-crime on the population. These interests align perfectly with the aims of the Safety Centre.

George said

In our ever-changing and increasingly complex world, how to be “safe” has never been more important to our children and young people. For nearly 30 years, the Safety Centre has been delivering this message effectively to that next generation. My role is to see that the Safety Centre continues to grow, prosper, and reach the widest audience possible. The only thing holding back the Safety Centre’s ambitions is funding. Everyone can help, whether you are an individual, organisation or business, by giving generously to make our world safer for the future.

Safety Centre Patron George Anson

Maya Chief Executive at the Safety Centre said

I’m delighted to announce George Anson as our new Patron. He will be our first Patron here at the Safety Centre and joins us at a pivotal, exciting time for our organisation as we grow and develop our safety education programmes and relationships across the region to deliver lifesaving learning. George’s time as High Sheriff highlighted his passion for helping people stay safe online and this aligns directly with our goal to educate children, young people and adults about how to keep safe. With a shared commitment to empowering our communities to stay safe, I look forward to working with George to ensure even more people are benefitting from our vital education programmes.

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