Safety Centre Talks About The Dangers Of Winter Weather 

The Safety Centre charity is highlighting the dangers of winter weather as temperatures fall across the region. Following the tragic news earlier this week of four three young boys dying after falling through ice in Solihull, the charity is speaking about the daily dangers we face in colder weather.

The safety education charity based in Milton Keynes, focuses on teaching children, young people and adults how to stay safe in daily life situations. This includes staying safe during the winter months. Since it opened in 1994 the Safety Centre has educated over 400,000 children across the region. Children, young people and adults are taught safety education at Hazard Alley, the charity’s immersive, engaging scenario-based education centre as well as out in the community in schools across the region.

From being careful around bodies of water and not walking or skating on them, even when they appear to be frozen solid, to understanding it can take longer for vehicles to stop on icy roads there are lots of things to consider when the temperature drops.

Sarah Surridge, Marketing and Communications Manager said:

“The weather is beautiful at this time of year but also very unforgiving. It’s important that we take the time to think about the situations we may encounter and discuss the ways we can keep ourselves and our communities safe. Coming together for conversations about water safety particularly with children and young people, in the light of this week’s devastating news, can save a life. All bodies of water can be dangerous at any time of year but during the winter frozen water is particularly risky. We are all so sorry to hear of the loss of life this week and encourage parents and guardians to speak to children and young people about the dangers around bodies of water.”

The Safety Centre, based in Milton Keynes is open for visitors from schools as well as delivering education sessions into schools across the region for students, teachers and parents. To find out more about the world’s first safety education charity visit, call 01908 263009 or email

There’s more information about water safety available here from our supporters The Parks Trust and Bucks Fire and Rescue.

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